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Death In Real Estate: Do I Need to Probate the Will Before I Sell the House?

As a real estate lawyer, I am often asked if the Will of a deceased client must be probated before his real estate may be dealt with. There are a few issues to consider before the aforementioned question can be answered (and in this blog I will only address situations where the deceased has made…

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Land Transfer Tax, Rebates, and Exemptions For First Time Buyers

When it comes to answering these questions and deciphering their answers, consulting a real estate lawyer is often a good first step for potential homeowners. Generally speaking, the Ontario Land Transfer Tax Act and the Municipal Land Transfer Tax Act of Toronto provide that buyers are obligated to pay a land transfer tax upon the purchase…

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The Importance of a Home Inspection

Magnified view of home inspection

You shouldn’t purchase a home without having it inspected by a competent and qualified home inspector. Many people feel that they are qualified to do the home inspection themselves, however this is not the case. If after closing you discover problems with the house and attempt to pursue your seller in court for compensation, the…

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Can you Hold Back Funds on Closing When an Appliance is Broken?

dishwasher spilling water shows why buyers can withhold funds on closing for broken appliances.

The simple answer is: No. As in any contractual situation, the agreement of purchase and sale is the first document that should be reviewed. Unless your agreement of purchase and sale gives you the right to holdback a specified sum of money, other than in certain situations where there is material damage or a material…

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“Caveat Emptor” – AKA: Buyer Beware – in Fine Print

real estate agreement with an "as is" caveat emptor being slid across a table.

What Does “Caveat Emptor” Mean in a Real Estate Agreement? A common question I receive from purchasers is regarding who is responsible for the repair costs if something is not working on the date of closing. For example, an appliance, the heating/air conditioning system, the electrical system, or the roof. Buyers ultimately want to know…

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What a Real Estate Lawyer should do when their clients start disputing?

two real estate clients of a toronto lawyer that had a dispute and needed a joint retainer agreement.

As a real estate lawyer, mitigating disputes amongs clients comes with the job. Recently I was confronted with the following situation: I was retained by a parent and his child to purchase a new condominium unit from a builder. The day before the interim occupancy closing the parent and child had a falling out and…

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Welcome to the official blog of Jay Teichman

Welcome to the brand new and official website for Jay Teichman Law Offices. If you are looking for a trustworthy and experienced real estate lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area, look no further than the Law Office of Jay Teichman. With all of our costs disclosed up front and no hidden terms in our fine…

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