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What’s So Important About A Condominium Status Certificate?

The purchase of a condominium differs in many regards from the purchase of a house. Condominiums are created by statute and the Declaration, Rules and By-Laws of each condominium differ. Here are some of the questions that you and your agent should be asking each other: Are pets allowed? What kinds of pets? How many?…

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Land Transfer Tax, Rebates, and Exemptions For First Time Buyers

When it comes to answering these questions and deciphering their answers, consulting a real estate lawyer is often a good first step for potential homeowners. Generally speaking, the Ontario Land Transfer Tax Act and the Municipal Land Transfer Tax Act of Toronto provide that buyers are obligated to pay a land transfer tax upon the purchase…

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Know who you are dealing with – the perils of dealing with contractors

keys being handed to a contractor without using a real estate lawyer.

Before hiring a real estate lawyer or a building contractor, you must satisfy yourself as to his credentials and track record. This is an easy enough task when it comes to hiring a lawyer. One can contact The Law Society or their friends. Since lawyers are regulated, the Law Society has a discipline department which…

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How To Choose A Good Real Estate Lawyer | 5 Simple Tips

checkbox list of items when choosing a qualified real estate lawyer.

Choosing the right residential Real Estate Lawyer can be a challenging process, especially while being involved in other time consuming tasks when buying or selling a home. I’ve created a 5 step checklist to help any consumer on the market make an educated decision in hiring a lawyer for their residential legal needs. 1. Contact…

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Welcome to the official blog of Jay Teichman

Welcome to the brand new and official website for Jay Teichman Law Offices. If you are looking for a trustworthy and experienced real estate lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area, look no further than the Law Office of Jay Teichman. With all of our costs disclosed up front and no hidden terms in our fine…

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