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  • Low Fixed Rates With No Hidden Fees.
  • Over 40 Years Of Legal Experience In The Toronto Real Estate Market.
  • A Proven Track Record With Thousands Of Satisfied Clients.
  • Over 15,000 Successful Real Estate Transactions & Counting.

A Toronto Real Estate Lawyer You Can Trust!

For over 40 years Jay Teichman has served the Toronto real estate market helping both residential home buyers and sellers navigate the complexities of Canadian real estate law. With all of our costs disclosed up front and no hidden terms in our fine print, Jay Teichman provides straightforward and reliable counsel through your entire real estate transaction, PERIOD.

We Specialize In Real Estate Legal Services.

We assist with many different areas of service, such as the review of important documents like the Agreement of Purchase & Sale and Status Certificate. In addition to this, we help you with any mortgage questions you may have, whether it be assisting with the registration of your mortgage or refinancing your current property. And finally, we can provide you with Title Insurance, to further financially and legally protect you from the multitude of possible unforeseen issues that may arise in any given real estate transaction.

The Most Affordable Fixed Cost Legal Fees In The GTA For Buying & Selling Real Estate

Refinancing Your Home



  • Review of lender's instructions
  • Preparation of legal documentation
  • Discharge of one existing mortgage
  • Arranging Title Insurance Policy*

Selling Your Home



  • Free Review of Agreement of Purchase & Sale*
  • Amendment of Agreement of Purchase & Sale if required*
  • Preparation of Legal Documentation
  • Discharge of one mortgage

Buying Your Home



  • Free Review of Agreement of Purchase & Sale*
  • Amendment of Agreement of Purchase & Sale if required*
  • Preparation of Legal Documentation
  • Preparation of Mortgage Documents
  • Arranging Title Insurance Policy*
  • Review of Condominium Status Certificate*

Jay Teichman Is
Toronto's First Choice In Real Estate Law!

Great real estate lawyer!

I would like to express my gratitude to both Jay and Jason for assisting in the closure of my condo. It wasn’t the smooth close I was intending for but Jay and I got through all the silliness presented by the buyer and the deal is done. I will keep Jay in mind for future opportunities.


smooth sale’ing’

Jay assisted me in selling my house. Because of him everything went so smoothly that I would definitely recommend his service to everyone.

Susan A. - Product Development

A no nonsense real estate lawyer

I was very impressed with Jay’s ability to foresee things and come up with solutions to save us tons of money and headaches down the road. No nonsense Real Estate Lawyer who will provide you with a premium service at a very competitive price (trust me on this one; he goes above and beyond expectations). He is very passionate about his work and at the same time a very compassionate person which is very rare in this profession.


Lawyer that stick with you

Thanks for all of your help on this! Jay really sweat it out with us on this one! His strategy and advice was spot on.
See you next summer when we sell the next one…I promise no excitement (well not from us anyway)!!

RC and LC