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About Jay Teichman

For over 30 years, Jay Teichman has been providing real estate legal services to satisfied homeowners and sellers throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Built on the concept of offering quality personalized services, his team has maintained a strong reputation as the “best in the business” for residential real estate transactions.

Since our inception, we’ve remained focused on providing a one-on-one service for the overall betterment of our clients in the purchase and sale of homes and condominiums. Our clients are a diverse mix of new homeowners and experienced real estate buyers and sellers. We understand the importance of properly meeting all your legal requirements to ensure transactions are prepared to safely protect you from the intricacies of real estate law.

By developing strong relationships with our clients, we’re able to confidently provide working solutions for each and every one of your unique needs. For example, new homeowners may be eligible for benefits and tax credits that can only be seen and understood by our experienced team of legal professionals. We’re here to make your real estate transactions easy, comfortable, and accurate.

For additional information and to see what Jay can do for you, take a look at our complete list of legal services.