The Importance of a Home Inspection

You shouldn’t purchase a home without having it inspected by a competent and qualified Home inspection under a magnifying glasshome inspector. Many people feel that they are qualified to do the home inspection themselves, however this is not the case. If after closing you discover problems with the house and attempt to pursue your seller in court for compensation, the court will attribute to you the knowledge that if the property had been inspected by a qualified home inspector – in other words, if a home inspection would have disclosed the very item which is in issue, the court will take the position that had the inspection been conducted, you would have known about this item and that you have accepted its status and condition. Since you will be attributed with the knowledge that a home inspection would have disclosed, doesn’t it make sense to actually have the home inspection performed at the time the agreement of purchase and sale is signed, and not several months later in court? A home inspection is not a panacea but it’s prudent.